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We are an organization that promotes labor inclusion, providing resources, training and work projects in the digital and technological sector, for young adults in vulnerable situations, with disabilities or looking for support to develop social impact projects.​

Having a disability should not be a barrier to finding a job. Owning a disability can be a strength for many job positions and our mission is to help companies recognize those strengths. ​

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We delivered a practical web development course to students from Instituto Nacional de  Mexico campus Ixtapalapa II, studying the career of Information Technologies and Communications Engineering.  We are proud to work with them as they are the only University in Mexico City that provides an educational opportunity to deaf students.

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Give us the opportunity to present a proposal and develop it to create sources of inclusive employment. All projects are lead by a senior webmaster and project managers with experience in the digital marketing industry to ensure the quality of your finished digital project.

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Work with us to provide them with the capacity to make a change in their professional path and life.